Since we only have one basic delivery area, which is in South County, are prices are pretty high for deliveries in different parts of the city.

We are looking for people who would want to take on their own little group of zipcodes. This would assure us of a driver in that particular group of zipcodes for all of our advertised hours.(10am-2pm, 5pm-10pm, seven days a week)
As the partner for that area, it would be your responsibility to have drivers available, notify the restaurants that the service is available to them and sell the service to the residents of your zipcodes at the new lower rates of $5.50/7.50/9.50.

There is an annual fee of $1200 per zipcode to reserve your rights to deliver in those areas as an All Restaurants Deliver partner. You will receive unlimited telephone support, unlimited technical support, dispatching service, local advertising and advertising materials.

You will be responsible for:

1. All federal, state, city and local income and self employment taxes.

2. Automobile expenses including, but not limited to: gas, oil, tires, repairs, towing, and mileage.

3. Automobile insurance including, but not limited to: commercial, liability, comprehensive, collision & towing.

4. All communication expenses including, but not limited to: pagers & cellphones

5. Making sure that a person is on-call for all deliveries in your designated zipcodes, 7 days a week

during the hours of 10:00am- 2:00pm

and 5:00pm to 10:00pm (except on major holidays)

6. There is a $1.50 dispatching fee to the dispatcher for every delivery completed.

Your income is unlimited! Look how many restaurants are in your zipcode! If you just do just 5 deliveries a night from each of those restaurants, YOU will be hiring people to help you! Think about how many pizzas are delivered a night? Don't you think that there could be just as many steaks, pasta, seafood, chicken, sandwiches, appetizers and salads delivered by you?

You can start with one zipcode and grow into the neighboring zipcodes as you see how easy this job is to make money.

The annual fee must be paid one year in advance and can be made by cash, money order or credit card (Mastercard, Visa or American Express). All dispatching fees must be deposited directly into designated bank accounts within 24 hours.

For more information, please feel free to