1. Dial (314)544-9003

2. You will be asked to leave your name, address, telephone number and the restaurant that from which you would like to order.

3. The drivers are always doing deliveries, so as soon as they are paged with your message, they will return your call. (Please allow 15 minutes for the return call.) At that time, they will let you know what their delivery schedule looks like and where you are on their list. They will let you know what time they can pick up your order at the restaurant.

4. You, then, are responsible for calling the restaurant with your order. (Our drivers do not want to get involved in the ordering process, as there often too many details or questions that you need to ask the restaurant regarding specials, salad dressings, vegetable or soups of the day, etc.) Please let the restaurant know that "All Restaurants Deliver" will be picking up the order at the time that was told to you by the driver.

5. Then sit back, take off your shoes and relax. We will pick up your order, pay for it and delivery it to you as soon as possible.


We prefer that all orders be paid for with cash. The reason for this, is because we pay for your order with cash and if you reimburse the driver with any other form of payment, it will cut the driver short of cash for their other deliveries.


NO CHECKS ON FIRST DELIVERY!!! Checks are only accepted at the driver's discretion from established customers, or with prior approval. Any orders paid for with a check, will have a 10% processing fee added to the total because of the hardship that it causes the driver. Valid driver's license and one credit card number are required for all checks. Checks should be made payable to All Restaurants Deliver or if the driver prefers, you may make the check payable to them as they may be able to cash the check at your bank to reimburse their change fund..


Some restaurants will allow you to put your food total on a credit card over the phone. When required by the restaurant, we will have you sign the charge receipt upon delivery. If no signature is required by the restaurant the driver will make sure that your name, phone number and address is on the receipt for the restaurant in case of any further problems arising from the use of that credit card.

A few of the restaurants will also allow you to add the delivery charge and gratuity to the credit card on the "tip" section of the receipt and will cash that amount out to the driver as their payment. You must notify the restaurant at the time that you place your order, that you would like to have this done. It is up to the restaurant as to whether or not they will allow the cash to be paid out.


All orders over $50.00, paid for by check, credit card or gift certificates will automatically have a 15% gratuity added to the bill. Our drivers are paid only a percent of the delivery charge plus their tips. They are not paid an hourly wage and are not given a gas or car allowance. They are independent contractors and work for you.

* $1.00 per delivery fuel surcharge will be added when gasoline price is over $3.00 per gallon.

* A 5% processing fee may be added to all orders.